St. Mary’s Country Loaf (400g)




Rustic French style sourdough loaf, with a blend of wholemeal and wheat flour.
Naturally leavened with a rye flour starter.

All our bread is hand-made by the Hungry Guest Bakery just outside Chichester and delivered to the door early every morning.

There are 4 basic ingredients in the Hungry Guest loaves: flour, water, salt and in some slow dough recipes, the occasional tiny bit of fresh yeast to boost the natural leavens in the rising of the dough. Never any improvers, preservatives, enhancers or E-numbers. Every batch has its own recipe and is hand crafted from scratch.

The loaves are left to slowly and naturally ferment, generally overnight, until ready to be baked on the stone sole of the oven.  The resulting loaves are nutritious, easily digestible and have a long natural shelf life – that is if you can resist eating them!