Ubriaco Rosso Cheese (200g)




Ubriaco Rosso Ubriaco is made from pasteurised cow’s milk in Veneto, Italy. In English Ubriaco Rosso means ‘drunken red’. The cheese’s roots lie in the traditions of Veneto’s production methods, where local dairy farmers would wet the rinds of the cheeses with the remnant grape skins left from the wine-making process.

After this cheese is formed, it is soaked in red wine for a few months. This soaking gives the rind a deep red colour and infuses the cheese with subtle wine flavours. The cheese is then aged for up to 10 months, which gives it a firm, crumbly texture – perfect for slicing or grating.

This cheese is wonderfully aromatic, and it offers a balance of smooth, savoury notes, along with the earthy and fruity undertones of the wine.


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