Valentine’s Day Cheeseboard




We’ve put together a lovely cheeseboard for two to celebrate this Valentine’s day.  The Cheeseboard has a slice of award-winning Montgomery’s vintage cheddar, some delicious, gungy local Blue Clouds from Balcombe, and half a Golden Cross, a Sussex Goat’s Cheese that won Best British Cheese and Super Gold at the 2018-19 World Cheese Awards.  Along with a pack of Peter’s Yard crackers, you are set to go.

It’s a superb combination of flavours and textures, supporting the finest Sussex and British cheesemakers.  Of course, we have a wide range of excellent local cheeses available if you want to create your own cheeseboard.  Just come on in and take your pick. We have over 50 cheeses to choose from, many of which are from Sussex and Hampshire, and can always get the top continental cheeses to order.

100g Blue Clouds
160g Montgomery’s Cheddar
1/2 Golden Cross
1 Pack Peter’s Yard Crackers



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