Westcombe Cheddar (200g)




Westcombe cheddar is one of our great finds – it’s a superb cheddar that matches up to any of the finest British cheddars, but is relatively unknown and as a result, more reasonable in price.

Westcombe Dairy has been making Cheddar for over 100 years in the heart of Somerset. It has three herds of Friesian-Holstein cows, grazing on lush Somerset pastures and producing the finest quality milk. The milk is used to produce up to 100 tonnes of Cheddar a year. The quality of the milk depends on the continuous cycle of the farming process which includes the carefully planned diet the cows eat with as much homegrown food fed as possible.

Westcombe Cheddar is one of only three cheeses entitled to the Slow Food designation ‘Artisan Somerset Cheddar’. To qualify for this real accolade, the cheese must be made in Somerset — where the damp climate is recognised as the best for growing lush pastures — from the milk of the farm’s own cows, allowing control of quality from start to finish. The cheese must be made using raw milk and traditional starter cultures. By using raw milk, all the natural flavours come through in the final product, giving the Cheddar its full fragrant and earthy character.