By shopping with us, you are not only supporting other local businesses and building a vibrant local food scene, you are also helping protect the environment with your shopping choices.

Local Produce

  • We stock products from over 120 Sussex and Hampshire food and drink producers, many of which are delivered directly from the producer.
  • Buying local reduces food miles, offers traceability, provenance and high welfare.
  • We provide fresh meat, game, fruit and veg in season, which is healthier and better value.
  • Buying local supports local farms, estates and businesses, jobs, our landscape and community.


  • You can purchase most of our fresh produce without plastic packaging. Our fruit and veg is loose, with paper bags available, while our butchers can wrap your meat in paper.  Cheese and deli products are also packed in paper.
  • When you check out, cardboard boxes and paper bags are offered instead of plastic bags.
  • The majority of our meat, fruit and vegetables are delivered from our suppliers without packaging.


  • Our Farm Shop is heated by the Stansted Biomass Boiler, using wood chip from the Stansted forest.
  • We have energy-efficient LED throughout the shop, and the building is well insulated.
  • The double glazed windows and doors increase natural light and reduce heat loss.


  • The Farm Shop was built with wooden beams and pillars that came from Douglas fir from the Stansted Estate, originally planted in 1946 by the Women’s Land Army.
  • The majority of the shelving in the shop also comes from the same Douglas fir.


  • We compost our waste fruit and vegetables and recycle cardboard, glass and (where possible) plastic packaging.
  • Bones and waste from the butchery are available for stock and dog bones but is otherwise converted with an Anaerobic Digester into renewable energy.


  • We source from local producers, and B Corp businesses, encouraging best environmental and sustainable practices from our suppliers.