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  • Chocolate Brownies from the Wild Tea Bar

    We have some superb Chocolate Brownies that come in lovely packaging, making the ideal present.  So if you’ve had a tough day in the office, got stressed on the school run, or don’t like rain, then you need a little pick-me-up. You can either buy an individual brownie, or a … Read More
  • Heaven Patisserie Cakes

    These are the most beautiful creations you can imagine, and not only do they look spectacular, but they taste divine as well.  You can choose between individual entremet or cakes for 4 people.  If you want a larger cake, please get in touch. Made by Sophie-Anne who has helped us … Read More
  • The Simply Delicious Cake Company Tea Time Fruit Cake

    The Teatime cake is more of an everyday sort of cake made with soft light brown sugar, mixed fruit, prunes and cherries and a sprinkle of mixed spice.