turkeyThis is the final week where we can guarentee you the size of turkey you want, and please do try and order your gammon, smoked salmon, foie gras, local veg and anything else we can help you with as soon as possible.

The turkeys are from Walters Farm where they have been rearing turkeys for 40 years, with 95% of the turkeys feed grown and milled on the same farm. They are prepared in the traditional way: naturally slow matured, dry plucked and hung for the most delicious tasting turkey. We recommend the Free Range Bronze turkey, but we also do barn reared and organic, as well as crowns.

Our Gammons are from Sandridge Farmhouse and range in size from 1kg to 8kg. They are also prepared in the same way that they have done for generations, using the traditional Wiltshire cures to ensure a delicious gammon that is easy to prepare and cook for large numbers.

smoked_salmonOur smoked salmon is coming from the Fjordling smokehouse in Wiltshire – it tastes rich, velvety and in my opinion is absolutely outstanding, with a traditional Norwegian smoke.