Crumbs Brewing Exceptional Beer

We have some new brews, with some great gift packs from Crumbs Brewing company. 44% of bread made in the UK never gets eaten. That’s such a shocking waste it inspired husband and wife team Morgan & Elaine to turn their back on corporate life and do something about it! … Read More

Keep it Clean! – Hampshire Soap

These soaps from the Hampshire Soap company are absolutely lovely.  Made by Debra, she sent some samples a few weeks ago and I’ve been keeping extra clean ever since. The packaging is great, the smell is superb and they feel incredibly luxurious.  This is because of the natural ingredients, finest … Read More

Charcuterie & Cheese Boards

We now have some beautiful hand-carved wooden charcuterie and cheese boards crafted by Adam Lafosse who also made the fabulous wooden bowls.  These are so decorative, and perfect for plating up cheese or charcuterie, and again, each piece has been carefully chosen from wood sourced from the Stansted Estate, with … Read More

Autumn Partridge Recipes

One of our customers gave me a partridge recipe he has been using regularly since 1996, so it has been tried and tested!  I decided to try it at home but forgot to bring the recipe back, so made something similar with apples Partridge and apples is a superb combination, … Read More

Autumn Products

We have some new autumn products in the shop, aside from the fruit, veg and meat, but made with the seasons in mind. We have Foot’s Farm Pumpkins, ready for eating or carving at £2.50, as well as spectacular edible squash, with Quince, PSB and Cavallo Nero all grown locally. … Read More

Hand-turned Stansted Wooden Bowls

There’s a beautiful new display of wooden bowls hand-turned by Adam Lafosse using specially selected timber from the forest of Stansted Park.  With a range of sizes and wood types (ash, beech, ash burr and walnut), you can choose a bowl with unique markings that have been grown, sourced, and … Read More

Rollright Cheese & Sage Risotto

Rollright is a fabulous cheese made by David Jowett at Manor Farm, Chedworth, Gloucestershire, it is a soft, buttery, rind-washed cheese based on the French cheese Reblochon and is similarly held together with a spruce bark strip that gives it a pine tree flavour note. You can enjoy it with … Read More

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