We have some extremely tasty, unusual and interesting potential Christmas presents in the Farm Shop this year that would be ideal for those individuals who are very hard to get presents for.

hamperStarting with our hampers that you can fill with loads of delicious local goodies, from cheese to chutneys, smoked venison to medlar jelly, and local honeycombe to Sussex beer, there is a fantastic range of goodies that we can either put together for you, or which you can browse and choose.

We also have some spectacular wood carving prints from Chris Gilbert, my next door neighbour. The limited edition black and white prints are £85 framed and the coloured prints are £135 framed – this is a great price for local artwork of the highest quality. Do come and have a look in the shop, they look much better than online.

Woodpecker Egret Goldfinches

We will also be getting some lovely wooden handled knives from Barcelona where a family run factory has been making these splendid knives since 1917. They are made from carbon steel. This means that unlike stainless steel, the blades will turn a dull grey in time. They will also rust a little if you don’t dry after washing. However, they hold the most excellent edge once you have run them over your steel. They are well balanced and a complete pleasure to use. The handles are made from Box wood with prices under £25.

knives ensembleFinally my wife, Emily Mott is a photographer who has been taking photos for Vogue, the Telegraph Magazine, British Airways and NY Times amongst others, with portraits and travel being her speciality. If you would like a family portrait please contact Emily@emilymott.com or check out her website.