thanksgiving turkeysThis year we will be supplying delicious free range bronze and organic Thanksgiving turkeys. If you would like a turkey for Thanksgiving, then you will need to pre-order by the 2nd November – with Bronze turkeys, organic and barn-reared white turkeys all available, including crowns and breast roasts.

Our turkeys are reared by the Walters family on the Berkshire downs. They are full of flavour, while keeping succulent and delicious. They are grown on the farm where 95% of their diet consists of home grown cereals that have been harvested and milled on the same farm as the turkeys. No growth promoters are ever added to the food.

The Organic Thanksgiving turkeys are reared in exactly the same way on a local organic farm, and fed on high quality organic feed.  They are one of the few Organic Turkey producers in the country that hang and dry pluck their turkeys in the traditional way.

We believe our turkeys are full of flavour and very moist due to the traditional methods used to prepare the turkeys. We dry pluck all our turkeys and they are hand finished (this includes the the wing tips which we do not chop off) and then they are hung for at least 7 days in refrigerated storage rooms.  The turkeys are then dressed in a purpose built preparation area.  The turkeys in the supermarket are not the same.

Walters Turkeys are inspected by Environmental health, The Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association (TFTA), SALSA and the Soil Associaition.  They’ve also been awarded a Great Taste award.  For further information please take a look at their Creditation and Awards

Your turkey will be ready for the oven, with a free pop-up timer and a sprig of rosemary. The Pop-Up ® helps you to cook the turkey to perfection. Simply insert it into the Turkey before cooking and when it’s ready it will pop up.

We can also get large hams, joints of meat and all the thanksgiving trimmings for a great celebration.

Turkey Prices

 Thanksgiving Turkey Prices Whole / kg Breast Roast / kg Crowns / kg
Free Range Bronze £12.85 £21.50 £19.25
White Farm Fresh Barn Reared £11.85 £19.95 £18.50
Organic Free Range Bronze £17.35 £24.50 £23.00