We have some superb new organic wine in the shop at the moment courtesy of our lovely wine merchants, Mason and Mason – here are some tasting notes if you want a bit more information on them:



Sauvignon Blanc “Brightside” 2014

Brightside is a very apt name for this wine. It has that bright Nelson character that comes from the complex clay and gravel soils, giving sharp features and classy poise to the lovely racy sauvignon fruit. It’s wonderfully drinkable

and balance with a fresh pure finish. (19KAI01)




Tiempo de Cosecha Malbec 2014         

Super smooth, this has nicely knit oak characters well fleshed out with sumptuous fruit. An easily enjoyed richer red with engaging complexity. (22COL01)


Releaf Cabernet, Merlot & Shiraz 2014

The label might make you giggle but this is really good wine. It has real balance (perhaps a rarity down here) and fabulous depth of fruit and flavour. 40% Cabernet, 30% Merlot and 30% Shiraz, or anything else lying about, it really works as a blend.  Unoaked, it is rich in cassis and spice and it has that rare quality I call “lozenge” (from memories of blackcurrant cough sweets in tins that came from the chemist and coated your mouth in a very satisfying way). (20IMB02)



Pinot Noir ‘Crai Noir’ Dealu Mare DOC 2012 

This Pinot is a supple mid-weight, quite dark and very pure. It’s showing lovely dried fruit, mature characters underneath rich, gentle tannins. (18CRA01)


Prosecco Frizzante Tappo Spargo

This is what you drink on Tuesday because it ok as part of the 5/2 and there’s that big meeting at work in the morning and you’ve got to stand up to your grumpy boss! (08JAR03)


Pinot Grigio Veneto IGT 2014           

This is what you drink on a Monday night because there’s a little left in the fridge from Sunday. Light, and very pure, you’ve felt good all day and although it’s Monday it’s ok because it’s not really a drink. Right? (14JAR01)


Gavi DOCG 2015 

Tom works hard at getting condition and life into his soil and you can really taste it here. Compare this to a conventionally produced Gavi and this is brimming with vitality. It’s an elegant wine but has definite depth of fruit: almond and apricot blossoms? (14MEL01)




Grillo Capofeto Trapani 2015 

This Grillo has a lovely yellow green colour and a wonderfully fresh, almost salty nose typical of Sicily. It’s light yet flavoursome and crying out for a bowl of spaghetti alla vongole, the classic pasta with clams! (14CAP01)


Nero d’Avola Capofeto  2015

The Nero d’Avola is relatively light in alcohol (12.5%) and weight, making it an easily enjoyed glass, ruby red in colour with aromas and tastes of red fruits with a touch of spice. (14CAP02)




Chardonnay, “Lobetia” 2015

None of the fatness of Chardonnay here. This is a wonderfully drinkable, refreshing glass with fruit and fruitiness abounding but in a lean and pure package. (15PUN01)


Tempranillo, “Lobetia” 2015

Decidedly moorish, this is robust enough to match food but fruity enough to be easy to drink. A true all-rounder with rich berried fruit and a hint of coffee. (15PUN06)




Domaine Lascaux Rosé 2015

A blend of Grenache,  Syrah, Cinsault and Mourvedre. Very crisp and lively flavours on the tongue. Minerals, dry flavours and dried floral notes are all present. (13LAS03)


Piquepoul-Sauvignon-Vermentino 2015

A brilliant colour of pale yellow and green hues. Fresh nose of white flowers and fruits. Fresh peaches, melons and tropical fruit on the palate. Freshness, texture and delicious persistency of flavour. (13BEL01)




Merlot-Syrah “Montalus” Vin de Pays d’Oc 2014

It’s hard to find real fruit in wine at this level. Somehow it always tastes hot, fabricated or dirty, or all three. This is such a welcome change, having easy tannins, strawberry jam fruit and a clean, natural tasting finish. (12POM05)


Classic Cuvee

This classic cuvée from Albury Organic Vineyard of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier has all the hallmarks of a fine sparkling wine. The subtle fruit on the nose, predominately red berries from the Pinot and light citrus from the Chardonnay, is backed up by a really long, mouth-filling palate that lingers and satisfies.

Fresh and lively, the ripe acidity is complimented by a subtle sweetness, which pleases the senses. A wine for drinking on its own or with friends! (08ALB01)