Sunday BeerSUNDAY yummy SUNDAY

We recently took delivery of SUNDAY Beer in the form of cans. We have had SUNDAY in bottles for a while and having it in a can is a great addition… as you will see later on.

SUNDAY is a pale ale, which is generally maltier and lighter in alcohol and bitterness than its big brother an IPA. As and union and Lionel Richie say … easy like Sunday morning, and boy is this easy to drink!

The latest version of SUNDAY beer is more aromatic and creamy than before so make sure you pour this into a glass so you can appreciate the soft, ripe oranges and flowers that greet your nose. The can seems to help give the beer a good body which feel light and soft in the mouth. With the first sip, you are greeted with an abundance of oranges, tangerines, orange blossom, honey and a touch of spice. Light, refreshing and really moreish. With SUNDAY now being in a can it has become my ultimate cinema and picnic beer!

As with all and union beers, SUNDAY is great with food. And union recommends seafood, shellfish, fried foods, mature cheese and spicy pork. It is great with our BBQ pork pizza but my favourite pairing was with a spicy Asian stir fry with bream from the farm shop.

This beer is best served chilled but not cold. You can store it in the fridge ready for adventures but will be best after about 10 – 15 minutes out of the fridge… if you can wait that long. Either way it’s delicious!

I know I say this for all the beers, but grab a few as you won’t want to share this beer and you will want more. Also you need to buy it before I buy them all!