We have a great selection of Anila’s award-winning curry sauces and chutneys that we think are among the best on the market.  Seriously tasty, great quality and incredibly simple to use.

With 5 different curry sauces, varying in heat and flavour, you can make a delicious curry with no hassle at all. Made without preservatives or additives and free from sugar, gluten, garlic and onion, they are also suitable for coeliacs, diabetics, vegans and those with food intolerances.

To treat four people to a curry, simply chop up your veg, add your lentils or cube your meat and add with the contents of the jar to a pan and heat for two minutes until everything is nicely coated.  Then fill the same jar with water and add to the covered pan and simmer slowly (more water & 30 mins cooking for meat, less water & 15 mins cooking for veg).  Garnish and serve.

You can also use leftovers – and the chutneys are also ideal for your curry accompaniments, as well as spicing up sandwiches, cold meats and pork pies. 

Our favourites are Goan Green Curry Sauce and Tamarind and Date Chutney.