Fully dedicated to the task in hand, I’m actually enjoying one of Andwell’s mighty fine premium craft lagers while I write this.  It’s the end of a long day, and this lager is refreshing, full flavoured with a “gentle, spicy hop aroma” which is absolutely perfect.  However, it’s also 4.8% so forgive the writing standards from here on.  They also do the Pilsner Hop which is more hoppy with a refreshing soft citrus aroma which I also greatly enjoy.  These are perfect summer lagers.

Andwell are a great Hampshire Brewery based in Hook with International Awards to their name and a great selection of beers aside from the Pilsner.  They have bitter, ruby ale, golden blonde and the occassional guest beer for special occassions.  Their permanent range includes: Resolute Bitter, Gold Muddler, King John and Ruddy Darter.  Using only the finest ingredients to produce their ales and lagers, made with the best floor-malted English Maris Otter barley.

So, grab one of their beers next time you are passing, and enjoy a refreshing pilsner whiling away an English Summer Evening.