Congratulations to Lawrence, Julia and the team at Fat Olives for being nominated for THE GOOD FOOD GUIDE’S BEST LOCAL RESTAURANT AWARDS 2023!

Fat Olives Restaurant in Emsworth serves seriously good food in a cosy 17th Century Fisherman’s cottage just above the harbour.  We have been supplying meat and game to Fat Olives for years, and it’s great to see how Lawrence transforms superb local ingredients into beautifully arranged and delicious dishes.  If you haven’t yet eaten at Fat Olives and you enjoy superb quality food, then I would book away as soon as possible.

If you have already eaten there, you will know how good it is, and that the Fat Olives team thoroughly deserve this nomination.  Help them to win, by voting for Fat Olives in THE GOOD FOOD GUIDE’S BEST LOCAL RESTAURANT AWARDS 2023. Your nomination would mean the world to them and help showcase their passion for exceptional food and outstanding dining experiences.

To nominate Fat Olives, please visit the official website at: It only takes a moment, and your vote can make a significant difference.