Nothing can beat cooking outdoors on wood-fired ovens, and we have the best equipment in the business on display at the farm shop. We have knowledgeable staff, run demonstrations and courses in our courtyard, and cook regularly so can give you helpful advice, tips, and recipes.  Have a look and a feel before you make your purchase, and make sure you have the perfect outdoor oven for your garden or outdoor kitchen.

We have two Gozney Ovens available to view in the shop, the portable Roccbox (Which Best Buy), and the incredible Dome, the world’s most versatile live-fire outdoor oven.


We are cooking on Roccbox and can arrange demonstrations, and the ovens and accessories are available to view, buy and take away with you.  Get in touch if you would like a demonstration.

We also have all three sizes of Big Green Egg: The mini, large and extra-large available to view in the Farm Shop. 

We have the nest and acacia table to view in the shop, but there is a superb range of options available to choose from, with shelves, corten bases, modular units and tables to suit your space. We cook regularly on the large and XL and will happily discuss cooking techniques, recipes and charcoal.

If you are interested in the Big Green Egg, do get in touch or come into the shop to talk through the different options, setups and accessories.  We can arrange a demo or you can join one of our courses to see what all the fuss is about.

Finally, we have the spectacular OFYR grill, ideal for mass catering over an open fire.  The OFYR grill looks like a sculpture, even when the fire isn’t lit.  However, like a fire pit, once the wood is burning, it draws you in.  It’s the ultimate in social, alfresco cooking, with amazing versatility and a huge cooking area.  The table top grill, the OFYR TABL’O is another great addition, letting your cook your food at the table.  Get in touch for prices or pop into the shop and have a look at the OFYR and grab a brochure.

If you are considering an outdoor kitchen, then you have the perfect opportunity to see these industry-leading ovens at the farm shop.  Not only can you compare the sizes, but you can give them a test drive (get in touch for a demo), talk with the team, or join one of our courses.  It’s worth looking at the range of accessories and set ups, from tables to stands, pizza peels and covers, to make sure that you have everything you need to fire up your outdoor kitchen.