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We are thrilled to now be stocking some of the highest quality nuts you can buy, all created by a local Hampshire company that supplies 5-star hotels such as Claridges, having won numerous awards including 3 Gold Stars for their Cambrook Cocktail Mix № 6 which was described as

Each element of this mix is delicious but together they are almost unputdownable.’

The best quality nuts are then gently roasted (not fried) so that each nut is crunchy, fresh, and full-flavoured.  The seasoning is delicious but not overpowering, For the caramelization, the nuts, honey, and sugar are carefully heated and gently tumbled in traditional continental roasting pans. It takes the best ingredients, skill and timing to create the perfect caramelised nut: golden, subtly sweet, crunchy, and totally irresistible.

Each of the flavours is fantastic, and if you love a cashew, then you won’t taste better.

In the 80g Packs, we have the following flavours:

  • Cashew & Peanut with Chilli & Lime – 140g
  • Cocktail Mix No. 6 – 170g
  • Caramelised Sesame Hazlenuts – 160g

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Cashew & Peanut with Chilli & Lime – 140g, Cocktail Mix No. 6 – 170g, Caramelised Sesame Hazlenuts – 160g


  1. Ginny Stewart

    We were given these as part of a Christmas gift, delicious had to find out where they came from just so I can get some more

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