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Exotic Mushroom Mix




Our packs of exotic mushrooms give a superb range of colours, textures and umami flavour perfect for mushrooms on toast, omelette, risotto, or an incredible steak sauce.

Each pack varies with the mix of mushrooms, but you can expect different coloured oyster mushrooms, king oyster,  shitake, Hon-shimeji and brown Hon-shimeji, enoki, nameko and others.

You have two choices when cooking – either cut them so that they are all the same thickness as the smaller mushrooms, or cook the larger ones (cut in half) first, and add the smaller ones 5 minutes later.

In a frying pan, heat two tblsp of olive oil until almost smoking, then turn the heat down to medium and add the larger mushrooms till golden, then turn over while adding the smaller ones. Then add a large knob of unsalted butter, 2 finely chopped garlic cloves, fresh thyme (optional) and sea salt, baste all the mushrooms tuning for another two minutes, and serve with pepper and chopped parsley.

250g pack


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