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AV8RS Hand Sanitiser Is made and bottled here on Hayling Island by a family-run company to the approved World Health Organisation (“WHO”) formulae. Their company (CrewsBooze Limited) is approved to manufacture and market hand sanitiser within the UK. They are further licensed by HM Revenue and Customs to import/purchase the base reagents, which are restricted.  All are UK sourced from UK companies.

Louise and her family live on Hayling Island.  Until recently they were working within the aviation industry, with her husband having been a captain of everything from a Boeing 737 to the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380.  However, due to the COVID-19 situation, like so many in the travel industry, they find ourselves looking for something else they can turn their hand to.

AV8RS Hand Sanitiser is currently supplied in 50ml PET recyclable bottles with a dropper flip top for easy application of just a few drops.

As Louise said “

We know there are several products currently on the market, but with AV8RS Hand Sanitiser you can be sure it is made with care and to the same standard as if we were flying your family on holiday. We know there are many products on the market, mostly of Asian or Indian origin, that do not meet the UK Health and Safety Executive requirements or EN1276, and many who claim to be WHO approved, when there’s no such thing. Many also claim to be supplying WHO 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser when there’s no such thing.  It’s 75% or 80% alcohol depending on the base reagent.”


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