Seeded Sourdough Bread – 800g


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Our sourdough bread is made by the Southsea based artisan bakery Bread Addiction and is delicious, glorious and as bread should be – made with organic flour, water, sea salt and natural levain (the sourdough starter).  It takes two days to form before being baked and the end result is a magnificent crust, with a bouncy, well-textured crumb that is fully flavoured, complex and satisfying.

Delivered directly from Bread Addiction every Friday, and available in 800g loaves.

This is the sort of bread that can be appreciated on its own, toasted with butter for breakfast, or dipped in olive oil and sea salt for lunch.  It is not just a vehicle for jams and fillings but is equal to anything else you put on it, including the finest smoked salmon or pate. It also keeps well – perfect for toasting several days later.

It’s also far healthier than your average Chorleywood loaf that you find in supermarkets. Sourdough is more digestible with the lactic acids slowing down the rate in which glucose is released, avoiding insulin spikes. The gluten becomes more digestible and less prone to causing intolerance.


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