Stansted Honey


Delicious raw honey from the hives on Stansted Estate

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Our honey comes from hives on the Stansted Estate that are looked after by Rachel and her team at Honey Bee Happy. These artisan beekeepers have hives across the South Downs, but we get our shop honey direct from the Stansted Hives.

The bees at Stansted are sited under some lovely lime trees overlooking South Downs chalkland pasture that is slowly but surely increasing it’s wildflower diversity to include rarities such as the green-winged orchid. Grazed by the Highland cattle, it’s an idyllic spot for the foraging bees, and the honey is glorious as a result.

The honey is raw and unprocessed, is full of antioxidants and antibacterial properties, and has been used for centuries to heal burns and wounds.  Honey can help soothe throat infections, reduce summer allergies and aid digestion.  It’s a natural energy boost that is a great alternative to processed sugar.

In addition to honey and honeycomb, we have candles, wax wraps and balms available in the shop.


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