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  • Apricot Jam & Apricot Chutney

    The English apricot season is only 6 weeks long, but luckily you can enjoy our local Isle of Wight apricots all year round with this fantastic apricot jam that uses up all the fruit that you haven’t already eaten. For a more savoury taste, go with the apricot chutney that … Read More
  • Baking Pack

    With self-isolation continuing, the nation has turned to baking, only to find a national shortage of bread flour and yeast at the moment.  However, we’ve managed to source some wholesale sacks of Wessex Cobber flour and Strong White Bread flour which we are repackaging into 1.5kg bags.  This is award-winning … Read More
  • Banhoek Chilli Oil

    If you like a little heat in your food, then a top-quality chilli oil is a kitchen essential.  Banhoek Chilli Oil is some of the best we’ve tried, and comes is a cracking bottle, so that it can take it’s place at the table with pride. Made in the picturesque valley … Read More
  • Cambrook Extraordinary Nuts – 80g Packs

    We are thrilled to now be stocking some of the highest quality nuts you can buy, all created by a local Hampshire company that supplies 5-star hotels such as Claridges, having won numerous awards including 3 Gold Stars for their Cambrook Cocktail Mix № 6 which was described as ‘Each … Read More
  • Cambrook Extraordinary Nuts – Large Packs

    We are thrilled to now be stocking some of the highest quality nuts you can buy, all created by a local Hampshire company that supplies 5-star hotels such as Claridges, having won numerous awards including 3 Gold Stars for their Cambrook Cocktail Mix № 6 which was described as ‘Each … Read More
  • Cherry Jam & Cherry Chutney

    The English cherry season is only 6 weeks long, but luckily you can enjoy our local Isle of Wight cherries all year round with this fantastic cherry jam that uses up all the fruit that you haven’t already eaten.  
  • Cold Pressed Oils & Dressings

    The Cold Pressed Oil company is based near Farnham in Hampshire growing the seed to produce their Multi-Award Winning Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil,  You can buy the oil, or a range of superb dressings and flavoured oils.  The oil is ideal for cooking or for making your own salad dressings. … Read More
  • Condiment Company Condiments.

    The Condiment Company is literally 500yds from the Stansted Estate and is run by our friends the Bakers on the Watergate Estate.  They make a wonderful assortment of condiments, from chutneys and pickles to mayonnaise and dressings, mainly for other brands.  However, they have their own lines and brand, having … Read More
  • Discover Craft Chocolate

    We have so many great chocolates, but Discover Craft Chocolate offer fantastic flavours with chunks of delicious fruit, nuts, herbs and spices within the chocolate, which we absolutely love, so we’ve added to the collection. The chocolate and their flavour combinations are excellent quality and extremely moreish, but have no … Read More
  • Dorset Sea Salt

    Dorset Sea Salt uses ancient and modern techniques, hand-harvested from the waters of the Jurassic Coast to give you the cleanest, purest, and freshest sea salt on the market. Due to the world-famous and unique geology of the Jurassic coast, Dorset sea salt possesses a distinct mineral profile. Rich with … Read More
  • Dried Sourdough Starter

    Making Sourdough Simple! If you want to make seriously good bread, then sourdough is the way forward.  However, if you have trouble developing your sourdough starter or are short on time, then you can turn to this fantastic, locally made Organic Dried Sourdough Starter.  All you need to do is … Read More
  • Easter Egg Making Kit

    This is the perfect combination of delicious Easter Egg, bespoke design and family entertainment rolled into one.  The Easter Egg Co was founded by Jake Vergerson to entertain families by offering creative activities they could do at home together during the continued lockdown. His mission was simply to bring families together to … Read More
  • Party at Stansted Park Farm Shop

    Farm Shop Party

    I think we are all due a wild local food celebration, so come and join us for our 10th Anniversary Farm Shop Party on Saturday, March 19th from 11-2pm. We’ll be serving a Mexican-themed lunch using our finest local ingredients, with our courtyard full of Hampshire and Sussex producers. For … Read More
  • Fresh Tartar Sauce

    This handmade fresh Tartar Sauce from Catch is the perfect accompaniment to their fish and crab cakes. It’s a chilled, fresh tartar sauce, creme fraiche based, and loaded with sweet and sour flavours. Pot weight 150g  
  • Greeny Peeps Teas

    Greeny Peeps Tea is a fantastic organic tea company run by a friend of ours. Greeny Peeps not only supplies delicious, healthy teas, but also clearly demonstrates where their tea is grown, harvested, dried, and blended.  They directly support small producers, the environment, and the climate to ensure that by … Read More
  • Horsham Gingerbread & Biscuits

    Founded by Lesley Ward in 2013 the Horsham Gingerbread Bakehouse produces distinctively delicious gingerbreads and gluten-free biscuits. The town of Horsham in West Sussex was once famous for its gingerbread production. It was the notion of reviving this fame and her vast collection of historic, handwritten recipes that inspired Lesley … Read More
  • Isle of Wight Tomato Sauces, Juices & Salts

    The Isle of Wight Tomato stall grow the most incredible tomatoes, which are delivered direct to the shop ripe, fresh and delicious.  They have now started making a superb range of ambient products based on those very same tomatoes. Tomato Sea Salt 60g Isle of Wight vine-ripened tomatoes, lightly roasted and … Read More
  • Jude’s Custards

    Jude’s are based in Twyford, Hampshire and have come up with two excellent custards that will perk up any pudding or can be enjoyed on their own. The flavours are Belgium Chocolate and Madagascan Vanilla
  • Jude’s Ice Cream Sauces

    Jude’s are based in Twyford, Hampshire and have come up with three lovely sauces for Ice Cream: Belgium Chocolate, Fudge and Salted Caramel. We had to give them a test run, and we can highly recommend them.  
  • Kids Pasta

    Everyone knows that kids love pasta, whether with cheese, tomato sauce
    or simply with butter. On the Swabian Alb, the home of ALB-GOLD and
    Swabian Spaetzle, the favorite dish of all kids is “Spaetzle with gravy”.
    The little ones also enjoy themed pastas, whether rabbit, bear, car or
    bicycle shaped pasta. Kids will enjoy these extraordinary pastas, which
    will find their way to the tiny mouths all on their own.


    ALB-GOLD Kid’s Pasta is made from 100% of the best organic durum
    wheat semolina.
    Always popular amongst the little ones are the historic Dinos with
    with three different dinosaur shaped pastas.

  • Panealba Pinzatelli Bread Sticks

    These extra thin Panealba Pinzatelli Bread Sticks are one of our most popular products – perfect for snacking, dipping into pesto or humous, or eating by themselves.  Enjoyed by all the family. Made in Piedmont, Italy by a traditional family firm, they are made from a dry, hard dough, shaped … Read More
  • Sauerkraut and Kimchi

    Our fresh, unpasteurised Sauerkrauts and Kimchi are made by Simon in Petworth at the Sauerkraut company. Simon takes the best freshest juiciest vegetables and finely shreds them, before adding just the right amount of Himalayan Pink Salt to the mix. After only a matter of hours, trillions of Lacto-Bacteria (Lactobacillus- … Read More
  • Seville Orange Marmalade

    The Real Jam and Chutney Company’s Seville Orange Marmalade comes from a centuries old recipe that has created a fresh, true breakfast marmalade

    Homemade in Hampshire from seasonal produce, using traditional recipes!

  • Simnel Cakes & Easter Eggs

    We have a lovely selection of locally made cakes, including Sinmel cakes, Chocolate and Vanilla sponge cakes and loaves with mini eggs.  They are made by Bosham-based Farmhouse Cookery and are perfect for sharing with friends (6 of them) in the garden over the Easter weekend. The Simnel Cake is … Read More
  • Spice Island Chilli Sauces

    Spice Island Chilli, based in Portsmouth, combines history and chilli in a wonderful selection of handmade chilli sauces. Portsmouth’s long and influential maritime history spans well over 800 years. During this time, the area has seen countless voyages of discovery set sail from and return to Portsea Island. Many a … Read More
  • Spice Tins

    We have a lovely range of Spice Tins that are beautiful, practical and full of fresh, fragrant spices.  They make a brilliant gift, but are also a kitchen essential, with the individual tins keeping spices fresh and easily accessible.  Each tin contains 7 smaller tins full of spices and each … Read More
  • Stansted Farm Shop Gift Voucher

    A Farm Shop Gift Voucher is the perfect gift for any food obsessive.  They can have free reign to choose from our extensive array of local produce, browse the butchery counter, or sign up for a BBQ or cookery course. We can post the gift voucher out for you if … Read More
  • Stansted Sinah Common Honey

    Delicious raw honey from the hives on Stansted Estate

  • The Real Jam & Chutney Company’s Chutney

    The Real Jam and Chutney Company’s jams and chutneys are hand-made in small batches to retain flavour and freshness. Wherever possible they use produce grown in Hampshire to keep the number of food miles low and to support local farmers. They also hand-pick many of the seasonal varieties including heading … Read More
  • Wessex Mill Flour

    Wessex Mill produce consistently excellent, award-winning flour that is ideal for bread making and baking and will ensure you get a truly delicious loaf. Ideal for home baking and bread machines, you can get recipes and tips from their website to get you started. Wessex Mill is a small family … Read More
  • Yarty Artisan Vinegars

    Yarty is a wonderful local company run by Jayne and David in Portsmouth where they make every product themselves using old family recipes. The quality of Yarty vinegar is outstanding, as they infuse the vinegar with fruits as opposed to just adding flavouring.  Most of the products that they use … Read More