A full crop of acorns
Oak bursting with acorns

If you happen to pass an oak tree in the next week or two, take a moment to look at the acorn crop – it should be pretty impressive. Our oak trees are festooned with beautiful green acorns and a heavy crop is guaranteed this year.

Why does this make my belly rumble in anticipation? Because of the incredible taste of acorn-fed pork: rich, nutty with outstanding texture.

The New Forest Pannage Season is kicking off on the 10th September. That’s when the pigs (an ideal foraging cross of Large White Boar and Saddleback sow) are allowed to roam freely throughout the New Forest. They snuffle up acorns, beech mast, chestnuts and the occasional porcini mushroom, that give the meat such a wonderful flavour.

Acorn fed pork from the New Forest
Last year's acorn-fed piggies

Pannage is an historical right bestowed to local people (Commoners) on common land and is an important part of the New Forest ecology: pigs can safely eat the acorns which are poisonous to the ponies and cattle. William the Conqueror established limitations and rules within the New Forest in the 11th Century that still hold today.

The pigs will be ready by November and we will be selling pre-butchered boxes of half carcasses that can be delivered to you. There is a very limited number (3 sold already) so please let me know as soon as possible. They will be sold on a first come basis.

Email me to reserve a box