Join the conversation on the behind-the-scenes view of our produce and producers, read about foraging forays and try out or contribute a favourite recipe with the new Foodsplace blog.

I wanted to have a blog in order to give a bit more information about our produce so that you know exactly where your food comes from and the journey it takes to get to your plate. Where possible, we source from as close to us as we can – not only because the local South Downs farms and estates offer outstanding produce, but also from the practical side that it costs less to get it delivered from neighbours rather than across the country.

We have fantastic lamb, beef, pork and game less than 10 miles from our door and being 5 miles from the coast, we have access to incredibly fresh fish and shellfish. Occasionally it is difficult to find certain products locally (local being defined by me as within 30 miles) – but when we source from further afield we are happy to tell you where and why – we hunt out only the finest tasting produce.

The blog will give you a chance to ask questions, seek improvements or demand food that we currently do not stock. We will also be building up a list of favourite recipes, starting with family classics, so that each product comes with a tried and tested recipe that is straightforward and delicious. We hope you will contribute your recipes as well, along with comments and suggestions.

I look forward to hearing from you in the future – and keeping you posted on the wonderful food of the South Downs and Coast.

Fred Duncannon