We are now taking orders at the shop for this years turkeys and I wanted to give you some more information about them which helps explain why they are so tasty, succulent and delicious. You can read all about how they are reared below, and you can read what our customers have said:

“We have never had a better turkey than the Bronze turkey we had from Stansted Farm Shop last year. We will be back for more.” JB

“The magnificent turkey you sent was a triumph, utterly delicious” J C-R

Walters TurkeysThe free range bronze turkeys are bred from a friend’s farm, the Walters family, on the Berkshire downs which they have been doing for nearly 40 years. 95% of the turkey’s food is grown and milled on the farm so that you know exactly what they have been fed. They mature naturally which means they are not given hormone growth promoters. This results in a better tasting, natural turkey that has had a longer, happier life.

foodsplaceturkey-3977They spend the day overlooking the downs in grass paddocks, and come into barns at night for warmth and shelter. They have loads of space as well as tree trunks, grassy tussocks and dust baths.

As Christmas approaches, they are killed, dry plucked and hung for 7 days in a fridge on the farm. This means they do not suffer stress from travelling and there is a completely closed system. Your turkey will be ready for the oven, with a free pop-up timer and a sprig of rosemary. The Pop-Up ® helps you to cook the turkey to perfection. Simply insert it into the Turkey before cooking and when it’s ready it will pop up.

The results are superb – probably the best tasting turkey you will eat, as many of our customers have testified.

Walters Turkeys are a member of the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association (TFTA). This guarantees stringent welfare production methods. The TFTA was the first product to gain recognition with a designation for ‘Traditional Speciality Guaranteed’ from the EU. For more information go to www.totallytraditionalturkeys.com/tsg-mark/. We are also inspected by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and Environmental Health Officers (EHO).

The farm has participated in the Countryside Stewardship scheme since 1992, supported the RSPB’s stone-curlew recovery project, and has 2 sites of Special Scientific Interest. In an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty integrated farming methods are used to produce lamb, beef, turkeys and arable crops.