P1060766This week we have some lovely Goodwood Pork that comes from a Saddleback and Gloucester Old Spot cross. The traditional, rare breed pigs have a thicker layer of fat which provides incredible flavour and succulence to the meat that results in a completely different taste to the mass produced supermarket pork.

We also have some acorn-fed New Forest pork coming for the weekend of the 14th December. They have been feeding on this years abundant crop of acorns, in an historical process known as pannage. Not only do they get a fantastic flavour from the acorns, but they also protect the ponies which can die from eating the acorns. The pigs are being finished in warm barns to give them an extra layer of fat as living on the forest floor makes them very lean.

We are trying to get the finest pork possible from local producers, while encouraging the woodland pork at Stansted. Unfortunately we haven’t yet got a permanent supply from the estate, but we are working on it for early next year.