wood_pigeonFallow deer are now out of season, but luckily Stansted has a healthy population of roe deer that we can turn to.  They are smaller and more elusive, with the bucks currently establishing their territories.  You might well hear their bark that they issue when alarmed, before seeing their white rumps disappearing into the distance.

With no natural predators, it’s important to control the population through selective culling – and luckily the venison is outstanding.  Browsing on a variety of young tree shoots, herbs and grasses, the flavour is delicate and the meat tender.  It is widely considered as the best eating of all the venison in the UK.

It is about the same size as a lamb, so the joints are not that big.  We will have haunch, loin and diced or minced available.  It’s an ideal introduction to venison so let us know if you would like some put aside for you this weekend.

We also have plenty of wood pigeon breast, so well worth popping in for a bank holiday visit.