Dover sole is for me the perfect fish to eat – great flavour, with a meaty bite that is incomparable with other fish.  As a result, it is highly sought after – especially on the continent – which results in a high price tag.Dover SoleHowever, if you buy Dover Sole straight from Pete’s boat (or his wife Chantelle at the farm shop) then you will find it is cheaper than anywhere else.  We are offering Dover sole at £16/kg throughout June and July (as compared to £37.50 at the Cornish fishmonger, £40 at the Fish Society) which is a total bargain. They are simple to cook – for the simplest option, try lemon and butter, cooking it under a grill until the flesh comes away from the bone.

If you are interested in getting Dover sole this Friday, just email me and I can put one aside for you.  We are also expecting the following fish:

  • Dover sole – £16/kg
  • Bass – £16/kg
  • Plaice – £9/kg
  • Black Bream – £9/kg
  • Mullet – £6/kg
  • Mackerel – £8/kg