burwash2We currently have one of our favourite cheese discoveries in the deli at the moment: Burwash Rose.  This cheese is made from raw milk from a grass-fed dairy herd in the village of Cuckfield, West Sussex. The cheese is then crafted by Traditional Cheese Dairy in Stonegate East Sussex

Burwash Rose is inspired by the types of cheeses monks would have made centuries ago – it has an incredible orange rind that is sticky, tasty and floral due to being washed in English rose water.  The inside of the cheese is melting, creamy and delicious giving a combination that is a true melt-in-the-mouth cheese: creamy and sticky, yet delicate and silky with a build-up of rose floral notes..

It is a superb cheese that has won numerous awards including Best British Semisoft Cheese in 2012.