The problem with some of our chutneys and pickles is that they are so tasty, they can become the main focus of your meal.  We had some friends round for a tasting, and they were more excited about the garnish than what we were tasting.

Almost all of the chutneys we have in the shop are made in Sussex or Hampshire – with The Real Jam and Chutney Company being one of our favourites.  Many of you are fans of the Spiced Carrot Chutney which is fantastic with ham or cheese, while their cucumber pickle is utterly refreshing, crunchy and well balance – not too vinegary, but not too sweet either, and is ideal with cold meat or BBQ during the summer heat.  Finally their Hot Tomato Chutney is the ultimate ketchup – with a pure tomato taste that is backed up with a hit of chipotle – it transforms a burger into a truly delicious meal.

Hand made in small batches using recipes handed down through three generations, you really get a taste of the ingredients.