crayfish2We have some live local crayfish available at £19/kg or £90 for 5kg – a perfect summer party food!

Enjoy a delicious celebratory feast with a glorious Swedish crayfish party while at the same time eating one of the most ethical and ecologically tasty wild foods as you play your part in reducing a terrible threat to British waterways.

We supply live signal crayfish to your door, so gather friends and family for a unique celebration. Simply boil in salted water with plenty of dill and wash down with beer, vodka or schnapps.

The formidable American Signal Crayfish poses a massive threat to native species in rivers, lakes and ponds. It has already annihilated the smaller native White Claw crayfish from most of the waterways in the south of England. A voracious predator it will eat almost anything it finds including plants, invertebrates, snails, small fish and fish eggs. The Signal also digs burrows up to three feet long in river banks where each year it lays more than 250 eggs at a time. The numbers and size of the burrows is increasingly causing river banks to collapse.

They need to be eaten to save our rivers, so order some quick!