We have just taken delivery of some new, handmade pizza ovens from our supplier which are ideal for this summer weather – and being portable, can be used almost anywhere.

Our wood-fired pizza ovens are a fantistic addition to any garden, making it incredibly easy to produce wonderful pizzas with very little fuss.

The advantage of our ovens is that they are very quick to heat up (about 40 minutes to get up to temperature) and then require only a small amount of wood to maintain their temperature. This means that you can be enjoying your pizza far quicker than most pizza ovens, with a lot less hassle and fuel.

Our entry level oven is 60cm x 60cm and will cook one pizza at a time. However, as it only takes 2 minutes to cook each pizza, this is more than enough to keep a large family happy. By the time you have rolled the dough and added the tomato and cheese on the next one, it will be cooked! The oven weighs 16kg and can be carried by one person, making it extremely mobile – you could take it on a picnic!

The inside of the oven gets to about 500�F but is so well insulated that you can still touch the outside of the oven without burning yourself. This makes it safe around children. It also makes it a great oven for searing steaks, fish and roasting vegetables for your pizza toppings.

The ovens come with a metal rim around the mouth of the oven, and two runners on the base to ensure that it can be placed on most hard surfaces. A paddle, thermometer and detailed instructions are included.

For more information, or to see an oven in action, come and visit the Stansted Park Farm Shop (we’d be happy to do a demo) or give us a call on 02392 413 576.