Pete has his boat in the drydock this week making annual repairs, so we are sourcing from the Brighton dayboats this week.plaice_sm

While they are not as local as Pete in Emsworth, they are still from the South Coast and we are always extremely impressed by the quality of the fish from Brighton.  The reasons for this is that the Brighton market is served by up to 45 dayboats who are landing fish daily, hours after it has been caught.  We specify local fish with some exceptions such as Hake and Cod that is caught in the North Sea.

They deliver VERY early on Friday morning to my house – where it goes from a refrigerated van straight into the cold store.  Usually that fish has been caught on Thursday evening.  This week we have the following selection:

  •  Sardines – 7.95/kg
  • Lemon Sole – £6.50 each
  • Mackerel – 9.95/kg
  • Hake fillet – £10.95/kg
  • Plaice – £4.95 each

    • Dressed Crab  – £7.95 each
    • Scallops – £1.15 each
    • Pallourde Clams – £13.95/kg
    • Razor Clams – £16/kg