photo(6)Pete is back fishing with a great selection of fish – settled weather, no weed and good tides have finally brought many species back to our inshore waters.

Pete has been catching plenty of Dover Sole, Skate and Plaice, with the following fish also being caught depending on the day: bass, mackerel, cod, brill, turbot, whiting and red mullet.

Prices are as follows, but do email your preference if you would like me to put any aside, otherwise see what you can hook on Friday.

  • Dover Sole – £16/kg
  • Skate wing – £9/kg
  • Plaice – £9/kg
  • Bass – £16/kg
  • Mackerel – £2.50 each
  • Cod – £6 / kg whole
  • Brill – £16/kg
  • Turbot – £19.50/kg
  • Whiting – £5/kg
  • Red Mullet – £17.50/kg