squash 600 x 370No vegetable quite reflects Autumn like squash and pumpkins – with their orange. yellow and green hues, and the association with halloween.  They are hugely popular in America, but it’s only recently that we are learning how delicious and versatile the squash family is.

Their thick skins make them ideal for storing – they are usually harvested in September but if kept in a cool, dry well ventilated space can be stored for up to six months.

Different types of squash have different flavours and are betted suited to different recipes.  Butternut Squash is one of the most popular (being very tasty, but not a great looker). It can be baked, steamed, is great in soups or roasted.  Onion and Acorn Squash are also in the same bracket, being tasty and versatile.

Pumpkin is best used in chutneys and pickles as it does not have such a pronounced flavour.

Try roasting the squash with crushed red chillis, sage, cinammon and olive oil – with the seeds roasted and sprinkled on top.