Give your Lettuce a Lift: Salad Dressings, Toppings & Inspiration

In the heat of the summer, a substantial seasonal salad is a perfect solution.  While good lettuce and tomatoes are staples, it’s definitely worth exploring the other vegetables, fruits, and flowers that are now in season to make your salads a bit more interesting. If you are lighting the BBQ … Read More

Get Pickled

We have a new Pickle supplier to join our regular pickles: the Crooked Pickle Company make fantastic pickles from the freshest vegetables and fruit and with no artificial colours, preservatives or additives. It’s a lovely range that includes award-winning Bread & Butter pickles that could easily be served with every … Read More

Padron Peppers & Tapas

We have fresh Padron Peppers from the Isle of Wight alongside their lovely tomatoes.  This time of year is known as the hungry gap in the UK, as winter crops finish, while the summer season is still far away, so any local greenery needs to be cherished and enjoyed. Padron … Read More

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