We try and source our fish directly from Peter William’s boat at Emsworth – that way we can guarantee the freshest fish, caught in the most sustainable way (from a small inshore dayboat).  Pete catches whatever is in season and that is the fish we serve to our customers outside the shop every Friday.

Unfortunately Pete’s livlihood is now at stake due to a last minute slashing of fish quotas that have disproportionately affected our local fishermen.  Plaice, skate and ray fisheries were closed last month, the oyster fisheries (which most local boats do during the winter months) has now been reduced to a two week window, and the cod quota has been slashed, leaving Pete and other local fishermen with almost nothing to catch between now and Christmas – despite having to pay the bills, feed the family and maintain boats and gear.

The reasons behind it appear to be that UK fishermen have used up the national quota too quickly – and this is managed by the MMO who should keep a balanced quota throughout the year.

Pete has been raising this issue with the press, but there is little else he can do about it.  I will keep you informed of any progress.  In the meantime we will source our fish from Brighton and hope that Pete can hold out until the new quotas come through.