Loch Duart Salmon are the premium farmed salmon – which look and behave like wild salmon due to their low stocking densities and quality diet.

Described as “the closest I have ever seen to wild salmon” by Rick Stein, a leading UK chef and food writer, in his television series on Britain’s seafood, Loch Duart fish are fit, lean and healthy in the best traditions of Scottish salmon

Their fins and tails and large and healthy – used to swimming their torpedo shaped bodies powerfully through the water – and this is transferred into great tasting salmon that is firm, well coloured and not too fatty.

They are farmed on the Northwest coast of Sutherland where the winds and tides sweep down from the Northern Atlantic to provide a self-regenerating and clean environment. The Loch Duart company are pioneering the most sustainable forms of fish farming, concentrating in particular on environmental stewardship, feed and welfare.

For more information, see the Loch Duart website.