Fjordling smokehouse is based just outsiide Salisbury – where Andrew Espir smokes fish and meat using traditional Norwegian curing and smoking methods to produce subtle, complex and delicious smoked salmon (amongst other things).

Smoked salmon is now a mass produced commodity that can be found in a garage bagel with cream cheese – it tends to be salty, bright pink and greasy.  The difference between the mass produced smoked salmon and the hand-made artisan smoked salmon is huge.

First off there is the quality of the fish.  Andrew sources his salmon from select farms on the West coast of Scotland that use low stocking densities – ensuring a strong, healthy, low fat fish that is farmed in a sustainable manner.  The traditional Norwegian curing method ensures a gentle smoke over oak chippings – so that the flavour of the fish is enhanced by the smoke, rather than overpowered by it.

The result is truly delicious smoked salmon that should be savoured and enjoyed as a special treat.  Andrew also smokes Hampshire trout and eel, Mackerel, kippers and prawns which we can order in for you.  Just let us know.