cod_crop This week Pete will be landing some fantastic Solent Cod alongside plaice, skate and possibly a brill or a turbot.  The cod are enjoying the cold waters (now that winter temperatures have finally arrived) although the bass have moved on as have the Dover Sole.

We can also get fish from Brighton dayboats, so take a look at the list and let me know what you would like.

  • Solent Cod – £12.50/kg
  • Plaice – £4 each
  • Skate wing – £9/kg
  • Brill – £16/kg

From Brighton there will be:

  • Bass – £16/kg
  • Gurnard – £9/kg
  • Mackerel – £9/kg
  • Cuttlefish – £9/kg
  • Squid – £11/kg
  • Scallop in the shell – £1.15 each