honey_beeGerry Fry gathers honey from his bees (all 60 hives) and prepares it perfectly.  For good honey, you need a strong colony, good weather and good foraging opportunities and this year looks like it will be a bumper year.

The bees have been on blackthorn flowers, and will move onto hawthorn, chestnut and the lime trees under which several hives are currently placed at Stansted.

How the honey is then prepared is key, and fortunately Gerry is one of the best.  In 2012 he won 1st prize in the National Honey Show for his soft set honey, and he has 20 Blue Ribbons over his illustrious honey gathering career.  (You get a blue ribbon for best honey in show when there are at least 100 other honey exhibits entered.)

Local honey is ideal for hayfever sufferers – with a recommended 1/2 tablespoon per day to help your system get used to pollen grains gently. It also is known for its antibacterial and healing qualities – better than over-the-counter remedies for coughs, colds and sore throats.

It’s also delicious – not just on toast, but in salads and as an ingredient in bread and cakes and can replace refined sugar. Try small chunks of honeycomb in a spring salad with goats cheese.honey