We have a farm shop apple press for hire along with a scratter – ideal for making use of all those windfalls.  At home we put the juice into bags and freeze it so that we can drink homemade apple juice all year round.

Apple pressing is a hugely enjoyable activity that’s best done with friends and family. With a little production line going, you can squeeze a lovely quantity of juice which you can drink straight off the press, or bottle for juice or cider.

First you need to quarter the apples, then they are crushed into the barrel with the scratter. Once you have a barrel full of crushed apple, you wind the handle to squeeze out the juice. This works well with young kids who can burn off energy spinning the handle round, while watching the juice pour out at the bottom.

You can freeze or pasturize the juice, or start fermenting to make cider.

Apple Press for Hire: Rates for hiring are £20 per day and you can either do your pressing at the farm shop, or you can take the equipment home with you (with a deposit).