This week is officially Chocolate Week and to celebrate, you might enjoy an insight into the production process of some seriously delicious Salted Caramel Triple Truffles that are hand crafted by Jamie of JK Fine Chocolates.

‘My chocolate adventure begun in the mountains of Mastatal in Costa Rica, a village with a population of just 150. Here my amazing journey began working along side the family who ran the La Iguana chocolate farm. The family have been growing, harvesting and making chocolate for three generations and still continue to produce beautifully aromatic and flavourful cocoa beans. At La Iguana Chocolate, they specialise in growing five different types of cocoa, which, can be mixed or separated depending on the desired flavour of chocolate wanted. The family use traditional techniques in their cocoa production, no heavy machinery or air-conditioned factory, this is a hard grafting chocolate farm who peel every cocoa bean by hand.’

As you can see from the images, you can get a huge diversity of cocoa bean in both colour and flavour just from one producer (in this case La Iguana Chocolate. This is why single origin chocolate is so important and can have many more characteristics and complexities in flavour than other chocolate. Each country’s soil, surrounding plants, animals and climate (heat, rain and wind) will change the end result of the cocoa bean’s flavour and why you will find Costa Rican chocolate is quite smoky and earthy compared to Madagascar where it’s much more tropical and fruity.

Salted Caramel Triple Truffles:

These truffles have three unique layers all made from clean and fresh ingredients and handmade from start to finish. The centre is a rich sea salted caramel infused with fleur de sel from the south of France and vanilla pod seeds. The caramel is wrapped in a gooey brownie-like filling crafted from Costa Rican chocolate and single estate cocoa beans from the family farm I volunteered at for 2 months in 2014. I am the only chocolatier in this country that has the privilege of using their organic and hand peeled cocoa beans. Finally the truffles are hand rolled in a 64% Costa Rican dark chocolate that has natural smoky and earthy flavours.

This is a seriously tasty chocolate – available in the farm shop right now.