Chocolate Caramel EggsAll the chocolate in the farm shop is produced from within 8 miles of the shop – including the nationwide favourite Montezumas.  But for some serious hand made artisan Easter chocolates, we have the incredible looking and unbelievable tasting Luxurious Caramel Eggs from JK Fine Chocolates.

These luxurious and handcrafted caramel centred eggs are made with fine chocolate shells and stunningly finished off with coloured cocoa dusting. First is our very popular sea salted caramel that is thick, creamy and is certainly a perfect filling for a high cocoa Madagascar milk chocolate shell. Then you’ll experience our ‘Great Taste 2015’ awarded hazelnut caramel in a dark 66% Grenada shell with a few honey roasted crushed nuts on top. The third and new edition for 2016 is a wonderful silky and runny strawberry caramel that oozes with fresh fruity flavours and centres inside a buttery Madagascar white chocolate shell.

So if you are looking to treat yourself or someone else this year to a whole new ‘posh’ egg experience then look no further!


Strawberry Caramel with a 34% white chocolate Madagascar shell.

Roasted Hazelnut Caramel with a 66% dark chocolate Grenada shell.

Sea Salted Caramel with a 50% milk chocolate Madagascar shell.


8 luxurious and handmade caramel eggs with at least 2 of each flavour – £11.50 or a box of 16 for £20.

These are serious chocolates, but we also have the lovely Salon du Chocolat solid milk ducks or their chicken on eggs if you decide that you need to eat all the Caramel centred eggs yourself and need to get something else for the family.