honeyOur honey sales are starting to buzz again as all our customers with hayfever come for some delicious, award-winning honey for hayfever relief.  As the weather improves and we move into spring, the pollen count goes up as first the trees start to shed pollen, then the grass, crops and even our mushroom friends with their fungal spores.

Alder trees are early culprits, although birch are next up and common at Stanted.  You can find accurate pollen forecasts online to give you advanced warning.

Gerry Fry has won all the honey awards going – and his Hampshire Honey is outstanding.  He has several hives on the Stansted Estate, under some mature Lime trees and you can’t get much more local than that.  Many hayfever sufferers swear by honey as it traps pollen from the specific local trees and flowers that are irriating them.  Commercial honey often contains honey from other continents and also goes under pressurized filtration through micron size meshes which removes pollen.

The recommended dosage is one teaspoon of honey a day – and it’s well known that if you combine this with cider vinegar then you get a whole load of other healthy benefits as well.

So make sure to stock up on you local honey at the farm shop.