Perl Wen Cheese.

As the summer holidays draw to a close, the evenings shorten and cool and fruit starts to ripen on the tree, I start thinking about cheese.  It’s the sort of weather for a decent ploughman’s at lunch, a hunk of mature cheddar to accompany a blackberry and apple pie, or a slice of oozing buttery brie on a cracker.

We have a lovely range of cheeses available, either pre-sliced, or cut to order if you would like something more substanstial.  But this week I would like to introduce you Perl Wen – an outstanding Welsh Brie made by Caws Cenarth. An organic soft cheese with a pale yellow paste coated with a bloomy white rind, it is available as a whole cheese of 250g. This modern Welsh cheese has the fresh citrus but creamy flavour of Caerffili with an underlying hint of sea salt……. very more-ish! If you like a brie, then this is outstanding, and extremely popular with the farm shop team.

We have cheese tasters available most weekends at the counter, but if you would like to taste a particular cheese, just let us know and we can prepare a slice.