Quickes Cheddar Truckle

A mature Quickes Cheddar Truckle is a wonderful thing to have over Christmas – cloth bound, inviting a dig as you pass by, this is a serious piece of cheese. It’s described as a complex creamy cheddar that offers outstanding depth of flavour. An exquisitely distinctive taste which develops as … Read More

Local Christmas Cheeseboard

It’s now possible to have a seriously good cheeseboard using Hampshire and Sussex cheese makers. Not only is the quality outstanding, but the variety is also so diverse that you can have 6 or more cheeses on the board with completely different styles, tastes and textures. We have been raving … Read More

Hampshire Goats Cheese: Beau Farm

On Wednesday Darren from Beau Farm popped into the shop to see if we know about his goats cheese and whether we were interested. I’m happy to say that their range of goats cheese is superb, with a brie, ash log and gouda that are all delicious, different are now … Read More

Halloween Cheeseboard

Get a spooky Halloween Cheeseboard this weekend, with the completely black Charcoal Cheddar and the pumpkin orange Harlech cheese.  There is something slightly unnatural about eating black food, whether it’s squid ink pasta or black pudding, but the novelty of seeing black food will give your guests a surprise, and … Read More

Isle of Wight Blue Cheese

In our first week at the old farm shop, 5 years ago, a customer came to the shop after having bought an Isle of Wight Blue Cheese with a complaint. “I’m afraid this cheese is mouldy”. Luckily, Sam and I persevered and we have sold a serious amount of IOW … Read More

Stinking Bishop Cheese

Stinking Bishop is a truly indulgent cheese – soft, creamy and truly delicious, but with a distinctly pongy aroma. Stinking Bishop is a full fat pasteurised cows’ milk soft cheese made with vegetarian rennet. The rind is washed in perry which gives it its characteristic flavour, brown/pink rind and pungent … Read More

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