King Richard III Wensleydale Cheese

Most Wensleydale is mass-produced, but we’ve sourced a lovely cloth-bound Wensleydale called King Richard III and made by  Andy Ridley from Fortmayne Dairy is one of the few artisan Wensleydale cheesemakers left. This cheese is zesty, fresh and slightly crumbly, similar to farmhouse cheeses that would have been made for … Read More

Francis Cheese

Francis is a collaborative cheese effort, with the base cheese being Stoney Cross which is made by Lyburn in the New Forest. James McCall then transports them to Doset and rind-washes the cheese for 8-10 weeks, giving it a richly flavoured, supple texture with a pink, sticky exterior and a … Read More

Heckfield Cheese

Heckfield is a semi-hard washed rind Guernsey cow’s milk cheese made with vegetarian rennet. It’s matured for 8-9 months and is named after Heckfield Park Farm where the milk is produced, down the road from cheesemakers Village Maid Cheese. Heckfield displays a rich umami flavour with savoury notes of Marmite … Read More

Light Summer Bries

Brie is the ultimate summer cheese, a soft, white cheese that is creamy, rich, and melts in the mouth.  We have several to choose from, including from our most local cheesemaker: Goodwood Home Farm. Levin Down is a deliciously rich and creamy soft white cheese that melts in the mouth. … Read More

Tom’s Bank Holiday Cheeseboard

If you have some friends or family coming round to enjoy the sunshine this Bank Holiday, then Tom has put together the perfect cheeseboard, ideal for the late spring sunshine. This board is £17.50 for 150g of each cheese, which will keep 6 of you very happy. Wild Garlic Cornish … Read More

Singing the Blues

It’s time to sing the praises of our blue cheeses, with an incredible selection of local, national and European blues on offer this weekend.  Our locals include the mighty, award-winning Isle of Wight Blue, but is joined by another local newcomer, Blue Clouds from Balcombe in West Sussex, a rich, … Read More

Get Pickled

We have a new Pickle supplier to join our regular pickles: the Crooked Pickle Company make fantastic pickles from the freshest vegetables and fruit and with no artificial colours, preservatives or additives. It’s a lovely range that includes award-winning Bread & Butter pickles that could easily be served with every … Read More

Delicious Deli Delights

We are improving our deli counter, as we are joined by our new deli chef, Vicky, who will be building on our home-cooked range of pies, quiche, sausage rolls and other goodies.  We have a new deli fridge and have some fabulous new products as well as bringing back some … Read More

A Cheese Counter for Cheese Lovers

We now have over 80 cheeses in our chocker cheese counter, with all the best local cheeses now supported by the Best of British and finest French, Italian and Irish cheeses.  Our knowledgeable suppliers can source almost any good cheese, so even if we don’t stock the cheese you are … Read More

Crème de la crème of Continental Cheeses

We have a new cheese supplier who is providing the crème de la crème of Continental cheeses – hand-selected from farms and cheesemakers in France, Italy, Ireland and others.  They join our counter of Legendary Locals and Best of British to give you a superb selection of outstanding cheeses. Simeon … Read More

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