Gilt Head BreamThe gilt-head bream used to be considered a mediterranean fish that was rarely caught in UK waters, but due to rising sea temperatures, are becoming more common. This week they are appearing in good numbers off the coast, and we are expecting a good catch from Pete.  They are regarded as the best eating of the bream species, and each fish is a good portion size.

You can buy farmed gilt-head bream in the supermarkets, but I would go for the locally caught late summer visitor.

We are also expecting bass and mullet, plaice, skate and huss along with whatever else might appear.

Please do pre-order as numbers are limited on the bass in particular.

  • Gilt-head Bream – £15 per kilo.
  • Bass (1-1.5 kg) £18 per kilo
  • Skate – £9 per kilo.
  • Grey Mullet – £8.50 per kilo
  • Plaice – £9 per kilo.
  • Huss – £9 per kilo.

We will also have fish from Brighton Market

  • Mackerel – £3.60 each
  • Cod Fillet – £17.95/kg
  • Salmon fillet – £19.95/kg
  • Brill (portion size) – £4.50 each or 1-2kg at £15/kg
  • Mussels – £5.50/kg
  •  Dressed Crab – £9.95 each
  • Oysters – 6 for £5
  • Scallops – £1.40 each