This week Pete has been landing plenty of lovely fish – we can only hope his luck continues so that he can have more of the same for Friday. Earlier he was catching red mullet, bream, bass, skate, Dover sole and plaice – but as the tides, wind and weather changes, so does the fishing.

However, September is usually a great month for fishing, especially before the Autumn storms start rolling in. The waters are warm, there is plenty of food for them and the larger fish such as bass, come in to feast on the smaller nursery fish.

We will be posting details of what fish he is landing on Facebook this week, so if you want to pre-order, keep in touch through that.

Pete’s fish this week (hopefully)

  • Skate – £9 per kilo.
  • Red Mullet – £19.50 per kilo
  • Grey Mullet – £7.50 per kilo
  • Dovers – £22 per kilo
  • Black Bream – £15 per kilo.
  • Bass (1-1.5 kg) £18 per kilo (2kg +) £25/kg
  • Plaice – £9 per kilo.

We will also have fish from Brighton Market

  • Mackerel – £3.60 each
  • Sardines – £7.50/kg
  • Cod Fillet – £17.95/kg
  • Salmon fillet – £19.95/kg
  • Brill (portion size) – £4.50 each
  •  Dressed Crab – £9.95 each
  • Oysters – 6 for £5
  • Scallops – £1.40 each