Flotilla Beer from Emsworth BrewhouseOur man Jamie is back from his travels with a seasonal Flotilla Beer Review from local nano-brewery Emsworth Brewhouse.

When the days get shorter, the nights longer and the heating gets turned on, we all like to feel warm and snug. And when you get to that point you look for comfort in food and beer. Salads and wheat beers just don’t seem to appeal as much. This is the time for the great British bitter! This weeks beer of the week is Flotilla from Grant at Emsworth Brewhouse. Grant labels it up as a fruity amber ale, but for me this is a great example of the wide ranging style that is “bitter”. Grant is on point calling it a fruity amber, but there is so much more to it.

Flotilla Beer pours into the glass a dark amber, with a good head. On the nose it’s lime and lemon zest. In the mouth the citrus continues with a tangerine zing from the target and bobek hops. The malts add to the fruitiness with notes of a sultana laden fruit cake with a good dollop of toffee. There is plenty of pronounced bitterness in this beer, which balances so well with the toffee maltiness and creamy mouthfeel.

For me this is the archetypal bitter I would want to drink next to a roaring log fire. The hoppy bitterness provides a a great platform to work with the foods that are synonymous with this time of year. Roast pork is calling out for this beer, as are the classics of cottage pie and sausage and mash. If you don’t have the energy to cook fear not. This is great with fish and chips (use the beer in the batter if you are making it yourself) and could do a good job against a lamb curry.

This a well made beer that shows that bitter still has its place in the modern beer world. Buy a few bottles, as you will want more than one, a pork roasting joint and some sausages and enjoy local food with local drink. Cheers Grant!